Our vision is to be the component MRO provider of choice for Asia Pacific’s airlines and aerospace companies.

Our new ADIRU capability is an exciting step in this direction!

What is ADIRU?

The ADIRU system in aircraft is crucial for providing key flight information to autopilot, flight controls, and landing gear. It contains components like air data modules and sensors to calculate important data such as speed, altitude, attitude, and navigation. Pilots and technicians use different units to interact with the system for input and monitoring. Accurate data from the ADIRU is vital for ensuring safe and efficient flight operations.
ADIRU capability

1. Status Update of ADIRU renovations

2. Preparations for the ADIRU implementation

3. ADIRU’s equipment

4. The primary challenge and key criteria of the ADIRU project

5. Why should customers choose APACS ?

1. Status Update of ADIRU Renovations

The ADIRU renovation project progresses steadily, currently at approximately 60% completion. We anticipate reaching a significant milestone in May, aiming to finalize the renovation with the goal of full operational capability by year-end. Noteworthy is the imminent arrival of ATTEC7 by the end of April, marking a crucial step forward, followed by the arrival of Honeywell TPS by the end of May. As we transition into June, preparations will escalate, driving us closer to realizing our renovation objectives. This will set the stage for the final step, First Article Inspection (FAI) preparation, tentatively scheduled for June or July of this year.

ADIRU Facility reonovations in Kuala Lampur

2. Preparations for the ADIRU Implementation

Preparations for ADIRU implementation

We’re actively preparing for the imminent ADIRU capability deployment through a comprehensive training program. Our focus begins with the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) starting on March 15th, followed by crucial ATTEC7 machine training sessions in Toulouse, France & Clearwater, Florida, throughout March. Over the subsequent two weeks, intensive product training will concentrate on Line Replaceable Units (LRUs). We’re diligently preparing for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), ensuring adherence to stringent requirements for the system’s quality and reliability. These preparations will ensure a confident and competent launch of the new ADIRU capability.

3. ADIRU Equipment

  1. Our ADIRU project relies on cutting-edge equipment like ATTEC7 for renovation and testing, ensuring precision and efficiency.
  2. The Test Unit Adapter (TUA) facilitates seamless communication among ADIRU components, while the Test Program Suite (TPS) automates testing processes, enhancing accuracy and project success.

4. Primary Challenge of the ADIRU Project

Primary challenge: 

One of the main challenges we face with the upcoming ADIRU capability is the novelty of the technology involved. Adiru represents a new technology for our engineering team, familiarity and expertise may initially be limited. To overcome this hurdle, comprehensive training initiatives have been implemented. Through the training, our engineers provided with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the ADIRU technology effectively. There also allows us to stay ahead of the curve and adapt swiftly to emerging challenges.

ADIRU Capability

Key criteria for vendor selection: 

When choosing vendors for our ADIRU project, we consider two main factors:
1. Their proven record success
2. Their ability to offer thorough support and training.

We prefer vendors with a proven track record with us to reduce risks and improve efficiency. Furthermore, we require vendors to not only supply quality products but also provide us with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the ADIRU’s performance and lifespan.

5. Why Should Customers Choose APACS?

APACS & SIAEC, in partnership with Honeywell’s channel partner, focuses on increased collaboration and investment in Honeywell products because we too are committed to fostering deeper ties and allocating additional resources to further enhance our collaboration with Honeywell. Our track record of quality workmanship, coupled with relationships with leading aircraft manufacturers, fuels innovation in aerospace. As the sole repair shop in the Asia Pacific, our proximity ensures faster Turn-Around-Time for repairs. We maintain readily available spare parts and prioritize customer satisfaction as we have a proven record of good customer service, supported by competitive pricing from our Malaysia base.